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5X Accelerated Dialup

Our 5X LightSpeed Accelerated Dialup allows all of our dialup customers to browse the Internet up to 5 TIMES FASTER!!  There's no need to sit around wondering when your email will open up or when your page is going to fully load.  The 5X Accelerator can handle your needs for only $1 a month!

Now you can check your email, hang out on social networking sites and visit news and shopping sites without the annoying anticipation of slow Internet speeds.

If you don't believe us, check out these images below.  You can actually see the difference between Internet without Propel and with Propel.



There are several ways that our 5X Accelerator helps you achieve maximum speeds.  For instance, the more you visit a specific site, the better performance you will receive.  Our Accelerator also offers content filtering which keeps those annoying pop-up ads at bay and stops them from slowing you down.

You'll find that all text, all browser-based emails, PDF files, outgoing SMTP email, and most graphics will be accelerated.  If you try this fantastic service for a month, and decide that it's not better than regular dialup, we'll refund your money!  What do you have to lose?  To start using our 5X Accelerator just click on the appropriate link below.

Click here to download our 5X Accelerator for Windows

Click here to download our 5X Accelerator for Mac

**To use the LightSpeed Dialup Accelerator for windows you must be running Windows 98 or higher.

**Please note that the Dialup Accelerator is $1 a month and will be automatically charged to your account after you being using the software.


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